Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding How a Southerner Might Look at To Kill a Mockingbird

My goal in starting this research was to find an article using Project Muse that shows some of the opposition they may have arisen when Harper Lee was trying to get To Kill a Mockingbird published. Project Muse is an online database that indexes full text of over 200 scholarly journals in Humanities, social sciences, and mathematics.

This is an angle that one of my classmates Alymarie Rutter is taking as she studies To Kill a Mockingbird. In class we have a chance to update one another how our research is going and this is an area that she said she was working on. I chose Project Muse because it offers the full text online so I could read into the articles and see if that it is what I am looking for. I first searched "To Kill a Mocking Bird and found a lot of different things that weren't related at all to the topic. So I put my search in quotations and added racism to the searching using an AND Boolean. This produced the article that I was looking for. Murray, Jennifer. "More than One Way to (Mis)Read a Mockingbird." Southern Literary Journal 43.1 (2010): 75-91. Print.

The article is tells a history of what took place to get Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird published and a about the different themes. What I really found about this article interesting is refers to quotes and actual events as they took place when the book was being put together. There is a lot of material on this classic in more contemporary settings but not as much period information. I hope this can help Alymarie in her endeavors.

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  1. I can't thank you enough for finding this for me! This is a lot of really good information that even after my first read-through is giving me new ideas. And I'll definitely be using the bibliography from this article to get to others. Thanks again, Taylor!